Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fathers Day Weekend!

Hello ! Don't you just love succulents?! I had an old coffee tin, and put this together for my dad for Fathers Day. He loves his morning coffee so this is the perfect tin. I'm also going to make a stop at Trader Joes, and buy him some of his favorite snacks,  and some fresh ground coffee. I'll also make him a batch of  my chocolate chip scones that he loves :) Have an awesome weekend and a blessed Fathers Day! How are you celebrating your dad? Until next time! 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Whatever happen ?

Hello! I loved this Simple Pleasures, dish soap! I have no idea why they stopped selling it! The bottom was an air freshener, and contained wonderful apple cinnamon scented beads. Gosh I wish they would bring it back! Did any of you out there ever try this? Until next time!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Double UGH !!

Hello! So I really wanted to start blogging again, but I couldn't figure out how to blog post pics using my iPad! I figured it out today! So I thought. After all my pics downloaded I decided to delete pics I didn't need. Long story longer. I didn't know my blog post pics would also be deleted !! Double Ugh !! Call me Pollyanna, I've decided to think of this double ugh as a new beginning!! Here's to a  fresh start.  Until next time! 


Thursday, February 3, 2011

From Lemons to Curd

Hello :) My sweet friend Nadine, hosted a wonderful Tea Party. I decided to make Lemon Curd, using Meyer Lemons. And give one to each friend. I love Lemons, but they don't like me so much. Lemons did not always dislike me. It all happened when I was pregnant with my first son. I do try them every now and then to see if they have changed their mind, but so far they haven't. I was able to have a little taste and it was so yummy! This would be a wonderful gift to give along with some homemade scones, some tea bags, honey, or sugar cubes, pretty tea cup, and a little spoon ( look at my post from 9/9/9 for scone recipe). The Lemon Curd recipe is from The Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten).

Don't you just love the bright yellow color of Lemons and their fresh scent! Citrus scented lotions and soaps are my favorite. I'm still trying to find a wonderfully citrus scented perfume.

Beautiful YELLOW! I love my kitchen gadgets!

As the curd is cooking it gets thicker, brighter, and more beautiful!

For the recipe click here. I added sugar to taste and added more lemon juice.

Aren't those the most adorable labels! They add the perfect touch to my homemade Meyer Lemon Curd! All dressed up and ready to be gifted. For more great labels and fantastic ideas head on over to Paper Crave. When you go on over to visit look at the right sidebar, scroll on down until you come to search paper crave, type in canning labels, and it will take you directly to those adorable labels. Please take a look around at the other creative ideas Kristen, has to show off! Have fun. Until next time!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Done For Now!

Hello :) Thought I would be a better host this time. I made us some french press coffee and some Pumpkin Squares. I know it's a little early in the year for pumpkin treats, but I couldn't resist. Grab a fork and dig in. I'm still not done with the kitchen, but wanted to show you some pictures. I'm still looking for some odds and ends to pull it together. I invited my friend Karon over to give me some ideas on decorating. She helped me realize less is more and more is sometimes just more. Karon also helped me focus on the look I wanted for my kitchen. After she left I uncluttered my kitchen cabinets. Seriously did I really need 4 sets of spindles for hand mixers I don't have any more? My sister Jenni (Genevie) is now the proud owner of said spindles. I had to keep reminding myself that I was going for a vintage look and not modern. It is so easy to get off track. My kitchen is nothing fancy or great, but so far I love how it looks. I like the color I chose (turquoise sea). It's going to take time for my husband to get used to the color,but just like the red he will get used to the turquoise. Let's take a look :)

Starting from the left side of the kitchen. From green and white to all white cabinets.
I've decided I love paint! It's inexpensive, comes in a zillion colors and can change something from drab to eye catching. If you don't like the color you can paint another over it.

Pretty jars hold my flour and sugars. I love to bake! One of these days I'm going to make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from scratch and top it with toasted coconut flakes. YUM!

The wire basket was white before I painted it cherry red. I got the handkerchief idea from my friend Karon. A couple of years ago my daughter Holly , Sarah and myself re grouted the counter tops. It was very inexpensive, easy and looked 100 times better after we were done.

This dish soap from Dawn in Apple Spice, is great. The bottom of the bottle is an air freshener. How cool is that! Smells delightful. Try it. You will love it too.

The sink curtain is not permanent. I'm still looking for vintage fabric or a table cover I can make into a curtain. Just haven't seen anything I like.

Apron I hung like a little curtain. Not a very good picture, but it actually looks nice.

My coffee area. Bought the blue and white glass sugar jar with metal lid from an estate sale. It has the name Gemco printed under the jar. Does anyone know where its from? It now holds my coffee scoops. Love my coffee!

Look on top of the fridge. Do you see my fancy cake holder? My cakes are gonna travel in style from now on. It was only $6 from an estate sale! It's in great condition.

Bought my pretty little red toaster oven at Target a year ago. Fits right in.

My "new" utensil holder. Should I paint it cherry red or a brighter yellow? I sure enjoyed having you over to see my newly painted kitchen. Like I said I still have some odds and ends I need to buy, but for now I'm loving it. I also repainted the dining area, but forgot to take before pics. Bad blogger. I hope you have enjoyed your visit. I want to thank everyone of you for being so sweet and encouraging. Thank you Karon for helping me focus. You are a treasured friend. Until next time :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It Is Time For A New Look!

Hello :) I have been wanting to repaint my kitchen for about five months, but was unsure of what I wanted. I knew I wanted to add a vintage look to my kitchen. Lately I've been buying baking dishes, bowls, kitchen towels and utensils at estate sales. Just can't be stopped. I love bringing home these wonderful treasures. So I emailed my good friend Karon (so many wonderful ideas swimming around in her head) and asked her for some ideas. She is my go to girl when it comes to vintage :). I keep telling her she needs a blog. So many women would benefit from her creativity. Let's take a look at the before!

My sister Genevie (aka Jenni and second oldest), my daughter Holly and I painted the cabinets about six years ago. They were a dark wood finish. As you can see it is time for a change.

I'm sure I was supposed to be a better host and clean up before I invited you all to see my kitchen, but I don't think it's necessary if you are doing a before and after. Right? :) See the Giada De Laurentiis cook book (has a cooking show on tv) on the refrigerator? My sister Jenni gave it to me for Christmas. She stood in line at her book signing in LA, CA (in high heels, walked a mile, because there was no nearby parking and stood in line forever) and had it signed for me! Very special gift :)

I know many of you have noticed the cook books on the stove. I just put them there for a sec. I know one should never leave flammable items on the stove. I was taught this rule and the roll up your sleeves before you cook rule (as to not catch them on fire) in elementary school. I always thought whats the big deal and like the stove is just gonna turn its self on jeez (second grade attitude)! One day last summer there was a short in our stoves wiring and fire came through the knobs (turned its self on)!A couple years ago my sister Jenni was cooking and not following the roll up your sleeves rule. Yes, her sleeve caught on fire! She was not hurt:) Both of these incidents taught me valuable lessons. Turns out my teacher knew what she was talking about. After all as kids didn't we really know it all :)

This wall was being shy. Therefore I was unable to get a good picture to show it's true color . It was green when I moved in. You can see a little of the back yard.

The cabinet doors kept falling off so I put up a curtain. I'll be putting up a new rod and new curtain. Hmmm what color fabric should I buy ?

Let the games begin! I am so ready. First the primer. I'll be back soon to give you the finished version. Is anyone else making over their kitchen or have any websites or blogs I can visit to get some ideas on vintage kitchens? I'd love to know. Have a great day and until next time.



Friday, June 12, 2009

First Post and Giveaway!

Hello! Can't believe I'm writing my first post:) I am so excited to be joining the blog world. As you know there are so many wonderfully gifted, giving, sweet and funny ladies out there. I have learned so many things from all of the blogs I visit. One day after baking a Chocolate Chip Banana Bunt Cake I started to position it for pictures to post on my blog. While shopping I found myself taking pictures to share with you. While thrift/antique shopping I would say to myself so and so from this blog would love that or so and so could do wonders with that. I began to pick things out for giveaways! You could say I was bitten by the blog world and was so hooked. The fact that I didn't have a blog posed a problem. So here I am:) What do I have to offer? I don't really know. I'm just gonna fly by the seat of my pants and post what catches my fancy:) I'm celebrating my first post with a GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY ! I had the best time shopping the thrift /antique shops for these special little goodies. Here we have a glass tea cup and saucer and a "gold" tea spoon with a rose handle design and a pretty floral hankie.

Here's a closer look for you :)

Green metal tray with Gardenia print.

Bad picture of a half apron I made special for my giveaway.

Come on take a closer look at the apron. Included are old tea spoons and recipe cards.
Notice a couple more little goodies on the tray? A little bird house and tea spoon rest.


I am so looking forward to many more post and getting to know all who stop for a visit. Leave me a post and I will enter you in the draw. I will draw the winner on June 26th. Before I sign off I must thank a few people. Thank you Rue (ruespeanutbutterandjellylife) for reaching out to me via email and for the encourgement and when asked offered great advice about posting:) You can't imagine my surprise when I got that email from you. You made my day. Thank you Holly (daughter #1) for your encouragement and all of your help in putting my pics together and for being excited along with me. Thank you Aleah (daughter #2) for being excited for me and I know you would have helped if you lived closer. Thank you Sarah ( daughter # 3) for helping me figure out how to post and drag pics and for your encouragement. I have three boys (Billy, Aneel and Ayden) that know I am blogging and listen, talk to me and smile. Thanks boys! Last but not least a big THANK YOU to my husband (Bill) who let's me be me and encourages me daily:)