Friday, June 12, 2009

First Post and Giveaway!

Hello! Can't believe I'm writing my first post:) I am so excited to be joining the blog world. As you know there are so many wonderfully gifted, giving, sweet and funny ladies out there. I have learned so many things from all of the blogs I visit. One day after baking a Chocolate Chip Banana Bunt Cake I started to position it for pictures to post on my blog. While shopping I found myself taking pictures to share with you. While thrift/antique shopping I would say to myself so and so from this blog would love that or so and so could do wonders with that. I began to pick things out for giveaways! You could say I was bitten by the blog world and was so hooked. The fact that I didn't have a blog posed a problem. So here I am:) What do I have to offer? I don't really know. I'm just gonna fly by the seat of my pants and post what catches my fancy:) I'm celebrating my first post with a GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY ! I had the best time shopping the thrift /antique shops for these special little goodies. Here we have a glass tea cup and saucer and a "gold" tea spoon with a rose handle design and a pretty floral hankie.

Here's a closer look for you :)

Green metal tray with Gardenia print.

Bad picture of a half apron I made special for my giveaway.

Come on take a closer look at the apron. Included are old tea spoons and recipe cards.
Notice a couple more little goodies on the tray? A little bird house and tea spoon rest.


I am so looking forward to many more post and getting to know all who stop for a visit. Leave me a post and I will enter you in the draw. I will draw the winner on June 26th. Before I sign off I must thank a few people. Thank you Rue (ruespeanutbutterandjellylife) for reaching out to me via email and for the encourgement and when asked offered great advice about posting:) You can't imagine my surprise when I got that email from you. You made my day. Thank you Holly (daughter #1) for your encouragement and all of your help in putting my pics together and for being excited along with me. Thank you Aleah (daughter #2) for being excited for me and I know you would have helped if you lived closer. Thank you Sarah ( daughter # 3) for helping me figure out how to post and drag pics and for your encouragement. I have three boys (Billy, Aneel and Ayden) that know I am blogging and listen, talk to me and smile. Thanks boys! Last but not least a big THANK YOU to my husband (Bill) who let's me be me and encourages me daily:)




  1. Hi! I found your gorgeous blog through Shabee Chick Designs! I would LOVE to be entered in your giveaway and I can't wait to get to know you and your blog:)

  2. Holy smokes! You did it Aimee!! :D

    Ooooo... that's a lot of cuteness!! Do I get to enter too??

    Oh and thank YOU sweet friend for making MY day :)


  3. Rue-
    Hello! Thanks for the visit. You are in!

  4. Welcome to blogland. Rue told me to come for a visit, and I always listen to Rue.

    Girl, you sure know how to throw a grand opening. Your giveaway is fantastic. Welcome, welcome, welcome. And, thank you for the opportunity to win - and to get acquainted.

  5. Hi Aimee, Welcome to blogging! :)

    I just found you over at Rue's and thought I would come by and say Hello. You're always welcomed at mine as well.

    Your blog is just precious!
    I'll be back to visit you again soon.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day. ~Melissa :)

  6. Love your giveaway - and the header! Really cute! I'm looking forward to adding you to my blogroll!

    Beth in PA

  7. WELCOME To the wonderful world of blogging will love it here so many caring and sharing peeps of course you already know Rue and she's the one who got me started on RMS..I will add you to my follow list for sure...Good luck..I see your from Calif also..I'm in Northern Calif..May you have a wonderful journey my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. WElcome to blogland. I started blogging a few months ago after lurking in the background - it is so much fun - I'm still learning a lot of new things abt blogging. Thanks also for hosting a giveaway!............Jo

  9. Welcome to Blogland, Aimee! You will have so much fun here. And wow! What a great first post, a give-away already? I can tell you are one generous gal and we are all so happy to get to know you....Christine

  10. Welcome to the world of blogging (only in month 2 myself). I came over from Rue's (isn't she amazing). If your first post is any indication, I will be back often. Your giveaway is so generous and I would love to be included.
    Your design is adorable and your header is the cutest.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  11. Congratulations and what a great way to start things off! What a fabulous giveaway!!
    Lots of luck to you.
    Chasity from the wild raspberry

  12. Hi Aimee,
    I found your blog through Rue! Congratulations on starting your blog. What a way to start with a giveaway! I'm pretty new at it too (started Jan.09) and I would like to invite you to visit me at Under the Wild Cherry Trees. Here's the link Hugs, Loretta <><

  13. Hi Aimee, and welcome to blogland! You'll have a blast meeting all the wonderful ladies out there. Wishing you a terrific day!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)
    Jacaranda Cottage.

  14. Hi Aimee! Welcome to wonderful blog land. I can tell you are off to a great start. :) Can't wait to see what you are up to.


  15. Hi there...Rue sent me! I love your blog design...that Amber at the Shabbee Chick is somethin' else. Your giveaway looks like so much fun! Good luck in blogland!

  16. Aww! So great to see a new blogger! Rue sent me over to check out your blog.. can't wait to read more!

  17. Welcome to blogville! You'll have a good time here! Come on over and pay me a visit when you have a chance.


    By the way, Rue sent me!

  18. A Big Hello to the world of blogs and we're so glad you could join us. You have some really cute give aways. Please count me in.


  19. WELCOME Aimee!! Glad you decided to start your own blog! I came here from Rue's. She is amazing, isn't she? She is the reason I started my blog and was SO much help getting my blog going.
    You are coming in with a bang! What a fantastic giveaway!!
    I will be back frequently!

  20. Welcome to the very addicting world of bloggin Aimee....LOL!!


  21. Welcome to Bloggyville Aimee!!! You are going to love it here!!! It is a wonderful place filled with lovely and gracious people!!!

    I stopped by after seeing your banner on Rue's blog!!! Your site is lovely...I love it!!! Your give-away is adorable...all of the items are just too pretty!!!

    I am so excited for you and your new adventure!!! Good luck!!!

    Enjoy the day!!!

  22. Welcome to wonderful blogland. I added you to my favorites! If you are anything like Rue's you will be a big hit! I do not know her,but admire her words... I wish that I could make more time to blog, I guess I am better at reading. Anyway look forward to seeing your postings. Have fun.

  23. Welcome to the Blogosphere! Looking forward to reading more. :)

  24. Hi Aimee, welcome to blogland. I think you will have a ball with all the great ladies and blogs. There is so much talent and eye candy and such loving and kind friends here in this new world. I found you from Rue's blog. She is such a doll.

    I always want to invite you to participate in my very first meme that I am hosting. It is a "Cloche Party" that is being held this Friday. I will have Mr. Linky up on my blog Thurs. evening so you can link up and everyone can find you and be introducted to your blog. To find out all the details about the party, just click on the button on my sidebar. I really hope you will join all the fun. Look forward to seeing you there. Hugs, Marty

  25. Aimee Welcome to the blog world! Have a great time with it

  26. Aimee,
    Welcome to Blogland. Your blog is oh-so cute!

  27. Hi Aimee!
    I came over here from Rue's blog. Congrats on starting your blog! You will be so glad you did. Come visit me when you have a chance. I have two blogs. One about my home, garden, decorating etc and one about the mosaics I create.
    p.s. don't include me in your giveaway - the items are wonderful but I am trying to scale down...

  28. How did you know I love antique cups and saucers?

    Truly I wish you many years of wonderful blogging! Sounds like you have a wonderful family and enjoy the finer parts of life!

    Hope I win.......I really love everything you have chosn to give away!

    Liz in PA

  29. Hi Aimee, Welcome to bloggy world! You are gonna have fun here! I look forward to getting to know you through your posts and seeing all the wonderful ideas you will bring to us!

    Come by and visit anytime.

    That apron is too cute! And, would look even cuter on ;)

  30. Awesome first post! Welcome to Blogging world!
    You will meet so many wonderful, nice people from all over the world!
    I will put you in my list of blogs I follow. Come over to "From my front porch in the Mountains", I would be honored to have you stop by and follow my blog!
    Many blessings, and welcome again, sweetie!

  31. Welcome to blogland! Rue sent me over here - she does have great tastes so I couldn't resist. :)
    You have a great give-away for your first post - please drop my name in the hat.
    Can't wait to get to know you better!

  32. Hi Aimee,
    You are off to a wonderful start. Having Rue post about you will get you tons of traffic! Your giveaways are so sweet! I will be looing forward to seeing more from you!

  33. Hello, Aimee! Congrats on the new sure does look cute. And a giveaway already! WOW!

    Sure, sign me up, too, please! Hope you enjoy blogging and meeting everyone as much as I do!


  34. Welcome to blogging Aimee! Any friend of Rue is a friend of mine. What fun goodies you are giving away, I would love to be entered!

  35. Welcome to blogland! I think you will find it is a fun and inspiring place to be. Wonderful giveaway. Please count me in!

  36. What a terrific way to begin your blog. I started my blog approximately a month and half ago and I absolutely love it. I wish you much blog success!

  37. Am so glad I found a brand new blog. I too am wanting to start one, just a little intimidated. Please throw my name in the pot.

  38. Your blog is off to a great start! Thanks Rue for sending me over! Love your header, your post, your music, and you giveaway too! You are going to love it here! I'm so glad to meet you!
    Blessings, Kathi

  39. Hi Aimee! What a wonderful kick off! Can't wait to see what you have coming up on your blog. It looks so cute so far. Please include me in your give away. Welcome to blogland. You will love it!


  40. Aimee, you are making lots of friends thanks to some great links! Wish you lots of luck and fun in your blogging. I only started blogging in March, so I'm a bit of a newbie, myself.

    Wow, a give-away w/your first post- thanks for entering me. Rue is a fun gal- She has to keep me in line, though. I tend to get in lots of trouble... :-) Sue

  41. me again, did you know your e-mail is disabled?

  42. Hi, Aimee! Welcome to the blogging universe! I love your blog's design and header, and I'm a huge fan of Rosemary Clooney, so of course love the music, too! Oh, and the goodies you are giving away are lovely, too! Please count me in for the giveaway! Becky G.

  43. Congrats on your first post! What a great way to start your blog with a giveaway! Cant wait to come back and read your story! Sue

  44. Congratulations on your blog!! It is so cute!! You sound like me, I just fly by the seat of my pants!!

  45. Welcome and congrats on your first post. Good luck! It looks like you are off to a great start. Very cute blog!

  46. Hello Aimee!

    Welcome to blogging! I'm looking forward to learning more about you. Wonderful give away!


  47. Welcome to the blogging world Aimee! It's so much fun. If I can do it anybody can! I love your banner. I'm in love with aprons right now and I love baking and also like to go to tea rooms when I get a chance. We have a lot in common. Thanks for a chance to win your give away. Come on over and visit me too!

    Carey aka girliegirl

  48. Hello! I followed Rue's advice and came right over. Love the giveaway items. I am looking forward to more posts and have added you to my Google Reader so I won't miss anything!

  49. Hi Aimee! I swear I have been over here before......???? I remember your blog header...did you have it up for awhile with out a post??? I think you came over to my pad and I came by to say thanks?? I don't know rofl...anyways congrats on starting your blog and welcome! cherry

  50. Congratulations on your blog! I wish I could do the blogging thing...but...I have trouble keeping up with the ones I do frequent let alone make my own! LOL...Good Luck with yours and I will put you on my favorites...


  51. Welcome to blogging Aimee, how generous to offer a giveaway on your very first post! I am going to add you to my favorites!

  52. far so GREAT..I'm bookmarking :)
    and a giveaway too? you are amazing!

  53. Your blog is so cute! Love your banner! Please enter me in the giveaway.
    PS Welcome to the neighborhood :O)

  54. Enjoyed reading your blog, give away looks so special and useful. Please, sign me for the give away.

  55. Wow :) Hello welcome to blogland! I started with pretty much the same mindset as you! Wanting to share all of my great finds with other people :) Look forward to seeing what you do soon! Thanks for the giveaway. Stop by anytime!

    All the best,

  56. Wow! What a way to start your blogging career! Love all of those little goodies. Found you by way of Rue. Such a cute blog design. Looking forward to more posts. Jackie

  57. Morning friend...I came over from Rue's! Welcome to blogland your beautiful blog background and what a great way to start out with a bang! Beautiful giveaway filled with treasures! You will love it here in the blogland neighborhood and I look forward to visiting again! I hope you have a great day my friend!

  58. I followed Rue over here. Beautiful blog and welcome to Bloggerville! What a lovely and generous giveaway that you have. Please include me!

  59. Hi Aimee! I was reading Rue's blog and saw her comments about yours! I think your blog is great! Thanks for hosting this giveaway-count me in! Good luck!

  60. Hi, Aimee!

    Welcome! I found you via Rue and have already added you to the 'favorites' category.

    Warmest wishes to you for much success with your new blog.

  61. Congratulations on your blog, it is super cute!
    I'm looking forward to keeping up with The Daily Apron, great name!

  62. Hey! Great new blog...congratulations on a job well done. I look forward to visiting you often. Heard about you from Rue (another fantastic blogger). I knew I would love your blog when I heard "Miss Otis Regrets"! Please enter me in the giveaway!

  63. Aimee~ You clever girl! Entering blogland with such a bang. I believe you will now be the record holder with the most comments on a first post.


  64. Wow! Look at all these comments on your first post! Good for you. I'm gonna have to do a giveaway...And I'd love to win all those great things you've got. Thanks, Lisa.

  65. Hello, I love your thoughtfulness for hosting a give away in your very first post. Found you through Rue's Peanutbutter and jelly's blog. Please enter me in your giveaway. Conni

  66. Hi, Aimee! Welcome to blog land! What a great start you are having, cute blog! Love the polka dots! Please enter me in your giveaway of adorable items! Good luck and have fun, hugs!

  67. Hi Aimee
    I'm coming here from Rue's. Welcome to blogging. I know you will love it. That is very generous of you to have a giveaway for your first post. Thanks. Come visit me sometime.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  68. Good Morning Aimee!! CUTE CUTE blog and I see you live in Riverside...I live in Orange county!! :) welcome to blogland darling..enjoy the ride you won't regret it! ...xo

  69. Pleased to meet you Ms. Aimee! You've really started out gang-busters her in Blog World. I looked/lurked for a while myself and started my blog last Fall. It's absolutely one of the most fun things I've ever done. I, too, carry my camera with me almost daily, see things others on the blog would like, plot my posts, etc.! So welcome to the big time girl...I know you are going to have even more fun than you ever thought imaginable! I've already added myself as a Follower because I can tell you are going to be great. Hugs from Houston.

  70. Oh Aimee, How sweet and I love the little half apron you made you should go into business and sell those in a little shop! You did such a beautiful job on your 1st blog. I've been blogging for a couple of months now (although I'm from the west coast) and still can't seem to get it right. Those East coast, and mid western states gals aka Rue know how to Blog. Much Success to you in the future...Cyndi

  71. dearest aimee,

    you are the cutest cutie. your writing and layout is so sweet and the comment you just left for me is making me smile a big smile. so cute.

    you are so talented and i'm going to add yours to my blog roll right now so that i can keep up with you and your wonderful outlook.


  72. HI Aimee! Welcome sweetie!

    I just ADORE your first blog post! and your Blog looks gorgeous! Your header is simply perfect too! You are off to a great start! so Congratulations are in order :) I hope you enjoy all the inspiration that comes from blogging and not to mention, now we get to be inspired my YOU too! welcome!

    I'd love to be counted in on your fabulous give-away! Your aprons are too die for sweet too! Do you sell them also? I am Apron crazy :)

    Hope you have a great week and best wishes! Hugs, Cynthia xo

  73. Hi Aimee, your blog is adorable, congratulations! Welcome to blogland :-) congrats on your first post and more to come! I just wanted to stop by and say welcome & hello :-)

  74. I found you through Rue and your blog is just adorable! I look forward to reading more!

  75. Hi Aimee,
    Welcome to the blog world. You'll never be the same, there are so, so many kind people out here! I would love to put my name in the hat for your wonderful giveaway, sweet Rue sent me this way. Please come by my blog if you like tomatoes. I'm giving away a Wine Country tomato cookbook and some petite french goodies too. So glad to meet you!

  76. I found you through Rue - look forward to reading more!

  77. Hello!! Can i enter you giveaway please?! x

  78. Congratulations on an adorable blog. Beautiful job. Welcome to blogland! I would love to enter your giveaway and invite you over for a visit!


  79. Hi Aimee! Your blog looks great and I know you are going to love this:>) Welcome to the neighborhood!

  80. Hello,

    I came via Rue, nice to meet you :)

    Pls enter my name, what a great giveaway...

    Kathy :)

  81. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogland, Aimee!! I know you're gonna love it here. I LOVE the assortment of goodies you've selected for your awesome kick-off giveaway, and I would love to be included in the drawing!!

    BTW, I first found your blog through the portfolio site at Shabbee Chick, and I bookmarked it (love your banner!), then I saw your comment over at Kathy's Cottage and it reminded me of your giveaway - so here I am!

    Looking forward to seeing what you will share on the blog - you're off to a great start!

    Hugs & Blessings,
    Becky S. at Just Bee 'n Me

  82. What a great giveaway! YOur blog design is adorable too.

  83. Aimee
    I wish for wonderful friends in blogland, cherished posts and winning some give aways yourself! Blogging has been a lifesaver and joy to me! Wonderful giveaway! Love the apron! Lori Come visit me!

  84. Love your blog and design and story so far!! Can't wait to get to know you more. Someday I hope to have a blog as well!! Your giveaway is so cute - count me in!! Good Luck with all and.....I'll be back!! Robin W.

  85. Congratulations on your new blog. Have fun and good luck. I just started a blog also so it is fun to find someone else new! I really like the things you picked out for your give away! Brenda

  86. This blog looks like it is going to be a lot of fun! Your aesthetic is right up my alley. I will be visiting often, and wowie what a give away!
    ♥, Susan

  87. What a darling blog!! I am so excited to have found you through Rue, and I will follow you from now on! Have fun!!

  88. Welcome to Bloggerville!!! I found you blog surfing and popped over to say hi, now I'm a follower can't wait to visit more. Wow a giveaway on your first post, how exciting, isn't it fun? I'd love to enter. Come by and visit any time!
    ♥ Teresa

  89. Love your blog and look forward to many more post. Thanks so much for hosting such a generous giveaway. Good Luck to all that enter.


  90. I want to welcome you to blog land! You'll discover the best friends here. It will enrich your life more than you can imagine. I so look forward to getting to know you through your blog! Twyla

  91. congratulations on the new blog. i found you through rue. your give away looks AMAZING! i'm excited to read & see more. have a happy day. :)

  92. What a darling blog you have and I am so excited also for you entering blogland! You will have a blast and you will met wonderful ladies, as you have so far! Your blog set up is so darn cute! Great jog! Thanks for visiting my blog and bring me to yours! Please enter me in your first giveaway! What cutie pie things you are offering! Wow!!!


  93. Well hi there, Aimee! Welcome to the land of blog! Isn't it great? Well now, aren't you so sweet to have a give away right off the bat! You can count me in! Love your header and the name of your blog!

    Come see me sometime! ♥

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